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Who We Are ?

Anbu Kumar – Founder and CEO of RoboThoughts comes with 20 years of professional experience in the software industry. Anbu was associated with large MNC software companies like IBM, HP and NetApp with significant experience in global market space. By education, Anbu is from engineering in electronics background and holds ITIL Practitioner, PMP and Agile SCRUM Master to his shoulders.

Anbu Kumar carries hands-on experience in building Robots while continuously exploring his hobby in the Robotics field and ended up collecting several robots including bunch of Humanoid Robots, Autonomous Tracked Robots, Multi-functional ARM Robots, Artificial Intelligence based interactive Robots and several more to his personal collection



Brennon Williams – Co Founder and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer for RoboThoughts. Brennon is the CEO and Founder of AIStudio.com Limited and Iridium Systems and Robotics Corporation – ISR.  Brennon is instrumental in integrating RoboThoughts HW Bots with AI Studio Artificial Intelligence platform. Brennon plays a key role in RoboThoughts as Technical Advisor and Chief of AI. For the past 22 years, Brennon has worked around the globe as a contract software engineer, Chief Technology Officer and consultant technical advisor to companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and eBay as well as several smaller design and user experience (UX) focussed agencies both in London and New York.  With primary focusses on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Robotics hardware, Brennon has been building the future. The goals of his work and research into complex human-machine interaction are to open up possibilities that will improve the lives and experiences of others.



Dr.John Ostrem – Chief Advisor Humanoid Robotics for RoboThoughts. Dr.Ostrem holds a PhD from Univrsity of California. Dr.Ostrem plays a key advisory role for RoboThoughts in the field of AI Humanoid research and development using iPal Humanoid Robot which a key invention of AvatarMind. Dr.Ostrem comes with over 25 years’ experience developing new technology, bringing products to market, and founding new companies. Currently he is CEO and co-founder of AvatarMind, a company that makes a new kind of social robot to serve as companion and care giver for young children, children with special needs, and the elderly. Previously he founded China MobileSoft in 2001, a company that developed Linux-based telecommunications software for the Chinese and International markets, and at various times served as Chairman, CEO, and CTO. China MobileSoft was acquired by PalmSource in early 2005 and subsequently Dr. Ostrem served as Lead Scientist at PalmSource. Subsequently he was CTO and Chief Scientist of Nexage, a company that provides mobile Ad optimization and brokering services. He has also served as Sr. VP for Technology and Collaborative Research and active member of the Board of Directors at Genyous Biomed (www.genyous.com). Previously he served on the Board of Directors of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, and as Chairman of the Steering Committee of OSDL’s Mobile Linux Initiative. Dr. Ostrem began his career as a scientist at SRI International (the former Stanford Research Institute), and developed the initial technology behind CIC, one of the first technology companies to be spun off from SRI.


Vasanthamugi – Chief Digital Marketing Office for RoboThoughts. Vasanthi carry’s Engineering in Electrical and Electronics on her shoulders with significant skills on digital space and marketing portfolio in addition to hands-on expertise in the technology like JAVA, J2EE, JQUERY, MYSQL, PHP, RUBY ON RAILS, PHYTHON, .NET and Mainframes Application.  Vasanthamugi has been a serial entrepreneur, currently spearheading digital and technology space for RoboThoughts as CMO on board.  In addition to her passion on Robotics and digital space, Vasanthamugi helps the women entrepreneurs to start-up and grow their companies, from company formation, develop the complete team for the organization, developing the complete company profile, Business Strategy, Growth of the Complete business, Client Acquisition, Acquiring and Merging of the Companies helping the company to acquire Investments from the Right Investors.


Padmabhushan – Chief Robotics Research Scientist for RoboThoughts. Bhushan comes with the demonstrated history of work in the research and development of Robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence domain having an Engineering in Electrical, Electronics and Communications background. Padmabhushan plays a key role in RoboThoughts for research and development of Robotics platform, both hardware and software design and continues improvements in our custom made Robots for STEM education