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Our Mission

Educate and Innovate in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Our Goal 


  • To enhance the natural talent, nurture the interest and increase the curiosity of young generation in Robotics.
  • To expose young children to real time core Robotics by eliminating the mind set of plastic toys
  • To prepare India towards the advancement in Robotics and its future readiness


  • Setup a Innovation R&D Lab for core Robotics in education institutions
  • Identify the need for Robotics across industries
  • Design and produce innovative core Robots to solve industrial needs

Robotics represents the fast growing segment of advanced technology used in both education and research.

NAO Evolution is the ideal companion for teaching Robotics as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics to all levels, from secondary to higher education. By using NAO, teachers and researchers will appreciate and investigate multiple capabilities through this platform.


With NAO companion every thing is possible

For Teachers

Increased Students Engagement, Female & Male alike Enhanced effectiveness in reaching teaching goals Cross-Curriculum, Project based, hands-on-learning. 

For Students

Connecting Theory with practice through hands-on-test Fostering team works, Project Management, Problem Solving and Communication skill. Inspiring higher Level of Motivation and Interest for technical career path.

For Researchers

Ideal test Platform for conceptual and Theoretical model Autonomous companion for hands-on experiments Intuitive Software environment with Multilangwage Programming.

RoboThoughts pledge to connect a million young minds through school opportunities and resources in stem (science technology engineering and mathematics) through robotic education.

Robotics is a truly multi-disciplinary field which combines mechanical, electrical, electronics and programming domains of science. It is ideal for young students because it exposes them to hands-on applications of math, science, and engineering concepts. In addition, robotics motivates young minds understand how things work and encourages them to use their creativity and imagination skills during designing robots.

India is still to go a long way as far as introduction of practical element in the education system is concerned, which robotics does the fun way.

 With our passionate experience in building Intelligence driven Mechatronics based Robots with Physics principles we can offer you verities of Robotic platform to project consultation from basics to complex Robotics environment, end to end training, consulting and undertake Robotic projects. RoboThoughts research lab has successfully built prototypes of Humanoid Robots, Multi Legged Robots, Robotic Arms, Robotic Grippers, Autonomous Robot, Vehicular Robot and Drone Robots.

With our mission to Educate, Automate and Innovate in the field of Robotics, we help Schools and Institutions to setup dedicated Robotics Research Lab and training on Robotics.