About RoboThoughts

RoboThoughts was founded by Anbu Kumar with his passion and hobby on Robotics from his early age like any other geek kids in the world. Anbu has 2 decades of professional experience in the software industry, while working for various multinational software companies, Anbu has been continuously exploring his hobby in the Robotics field and ended up collecting several robots including bunch of Humanoid Robots, Autonomous Tracked Robots, Multi-functional ARM Robots, Artificial Intelligence based interactive Robots and several more to his personal collection.

RobotThoughts was born with a set of likeminded professionals passionate about Robotics which triggered an idea to penetrate into schools, colleges, hobbyist and research institutions to expand the knowledge on Robotics to the real-time world which is on verge of revolution in Robotics. With constant improvements in processor speeds, specialized embedded design methodologies, sensor networks and communication technology, it has become possible to build ever more efficient and feature rich Robotic products in this domain. RoboThoughts believes that we will be able to bring these highly-evolved systems to reality.

Our goal is not only to expand the knowledge on Robotics but also to provide interesting, useful and hard-to-find Robotics products easily accessible to fulfil the growing needs of our own budding robotic engineers, hobbyists, students, educators, professionals and provide hands-on help in designing, building, programming customized home grown robots.