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About Us


To Ideate, Innovate and Build “Custom Make” Indoor and Outdoor Robotics Products For STEM Education


To Provide Cost Effective and High Quality “Custom Make” STEM Robotics Indigenously Design and Develop In India

About RoboThoughts

RoboThoughts AI Services Pvt Ltd was ideated in early 2016 and ventured in May 2017 with a clear mission and vision to build comprehensive custom made Robots for STEM education. RoboThoughts was ideated by a group of professionals with extensive hands-on experience in Mechatronics, Computers and Software by building Robots for fun and hobby. Today RoboThoughts have built a team of Robotists holding Phd’s and IIT Grads with a wealth of experience in Robotics. RoboThoughts was born with a set of like minded professionals passionate about Robotics which triggered an idea to penetrate into schools, colleges, hobbyist and research institutions to expand the knowledge on Robotics to the real-time world which is on verge of revolution in Robotics.

With constant improvements in processor speeds, specialized embedded design methodologies, sensor networks and communication technology, it has become possible to build ever more efficient and feature rich “Custom Built” Robotic products in this domain.